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Welcome to was created in 2006 to provide an easy to use, customizable interface for a variety of NFL, NASCAR, College Bowl and NCAA Tournament pools. We take away the need for manual spreadsheets and scoring by giving an easy to use pick interface as well as handling all of league scoring and standings for you.

Starting a new pool

To start a new online pool you follow four easy steps

  1. New User: Register a new account
    Existing User: Login to
  2. Click on the "Start a new BenchSports League" Link
  3. Select your custom settings
  4. Invite your friends

Participating in a pool

Participating in a pool is as simple as getting a little information from the league organizer and then following four easy steps

  1. New User: Register a new account
    Existing User: Login to
  2. Join the league (Instructions provided by pool manager)
  3. Create your team name alias
  4. Make your picks Pools Offered

What is included in my pool?

  • Exceptional and timely customer service
  • Easy to use interface for maintaining a league and entering picks
  • Season and weekly standings
  • Custom pool settings
  • Administrator override capabilities
  • Scenario Tracker - allows you to simulate results

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions please contact us at or view our frequently asked questions.

Customer Feedback

Micah - Mar-2011

We were interested in running a Pick Em for the Indoor Football League, and BenchSports has been great in helping us get that set up. Each time I have had a question or issue it has been resolved very quickly, and the site has worked out perfect for us.

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