Privacy Policy

What do we collect? collects minimal information to ensure the usability of our website and ensure a smooth administration for our pool administrators. Your pool administrator may require more detailed information depending on how your pool is set up.
The items we collect are as follows:

  • User Login - This is your unique login specific to
  • Password - A valid password is required to ensure security
  • Email Address - A valid email address is required to receive temporary passwords and may be used by your league administrator.
  • Name - Name is just another indicator for persons participating in your pools to know "who" you are
  • City - Same as name just another indicator for persons participating in your pools to know "where" everyone participating is from
  • Time Zone - This allows for us to display due dates/start dates in your local time to avoid any time zone confusion.

Who has access to view my information?

Your personal information is available for viewing in three scenarios:

  1. You - you can view/change your personal information at any time
  2. League Participants - other participants can view some of your personal information on the league roster page within your pool.
  3. - We can view your personal information but only use that when issues arise that cannot be fixed without our intervention.

When will BenchSports use my information?

  1. NEVER sell or use your personal information to any entity. The personal information collected is solely for the use of
    There are a few scenarios where we will use your personal information.
  2. Site Issues - If there are issues arising from site usage, user information management or any other site issues that missing or inaccurate personal information prevents proper site usage.
  3. Email Reminders - We occasionally send out reminders to league owners when a new season is coming up (you can opt out of this feature)
  4. Data Analysis - We reserve the right to review and collect data for our own site usage but again will not ever sell that information and only use it for our own site analysis.

What about credit card information?

At this time uses PayPal for all credit card processing and does not collect or retain any credit card information.

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions you can email us at and we would be happy to discuss them.