NFL Loser Pools

What is an NFL Loser Pool?

An NFL Loser Pool (not to be confused with an Elimination/Survivor pool where you pick losers instead of winners) is a new one on BenchSports. It involves picking one team each week to lose their game. Each team has a corresponding point value relative to their finish the previous season and you're trying to earn as many points as possible through the season. It's not one of the most common formats available, but it is very popular among those that have tried it.

How Does an NFL Loser Pool Work?

Participating in an NFL Loser Pool involves the following:

  1. Each NFL team is assigned a corresponding point value for the season
  2. The point value for each team aligns with where they drafted (or would have drafted) in the first round of the most recent NFL Draft.
  3. Pick one team per week you feel will lose their match-up
  4. If the team you chose loses, you earn the corresponding point value for that team as your score for the week
  5. If the team you choose wins, you get 0 points for the week
  6. The entry with the most points at the end of the season wins

Set up your NFL Loser Pool

BenchSports NFL Loser Pool Features

BenchSports removes the need for clunky spreadsheets and gives you an easy to use administration portal along with an easy user interface for people to submit as well as track their picks.

BenchSports Custom Features for NFL Loser Pools
  • Control how many times each team can be used during the season (we suggest unlimited)
  • Allow auto-picking in case someone forgets to enter a pick
  • Run your pool for the regular season or all the way to the Super Bowl

Standard BenchSports Features

  • Private Message Board
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy League Administration Portal
  • Top Shelf Customer Service

How Much Does an NFL Loser Pool Cost

NFL Loser Pools will cost anywhere from $0.75 cents to around $1 per entry depending on the number of participants. BenchSports charges a one time hosting fee based off the type of pool and the # of people participating.

Use our Pricing Calculator to get an idea of what your pool would cost.


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