NHL Survivor Pools

What is an NHL Survivor Pool?

The concept of an NHL Survivor Pool (also known as a Elimination, Knockout or Suicide Pool) is an easy one; simply survive from one week to the next by having the team you select win their game.

How Does an NHL Survivor Pool Work?

Participating in an NHL Survivor Pool involves three easy steps:

  1. Pick one team per week which you feel will win their match-up
  2. If the team you chose wins you 'survive' until the following week
  3. Last entry (or entries) standing wins

Sounds easy, doesn't it? We can assure you it is much harder than it sounds to correctly pick winners each week, and there is a fair amount of unexpected strategy involved. It's one of the easiest pools to participate in and administrate, but still remains one of the most challenging pools to win (which is of course what makes it fun).

BenchSports NHL Survivor Pool Features

BenchSports removes the need for clunky spreadsheets and gives you an easy to use administration portal along with an easy user interface for people to submit as well as track their picks.

BenchSports Custom Features for NHL Survivor Pools

  • Play straight up winners or count all Shootouts as Losses
  • Choose whether picking winners or losers will allow you to advance
  • Number of incorrect picks (strikes) a person can accrue before being eliminated (we suggest multiple)
  • Control how many times each team can be used during the season
  • The Pool Manager can implement a "Mulligan" or Re-buy, which gives a person a free pass for a given week, despite an incorrect pick
  • Allow auto-picking in case someone forgets to enter a pick

Standard BenchSports Features

  • Private Message Board
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy League Administration Portal
  • Top Shelf Customer Service

How Much Does an NHL Survivor Pool Cost

NHL Survivor Pools will cost anywhere from $0.75 cents to around $1 per entry depending on the number of participants. BenchSports charges a one time hosting fee based off the type of pool and the # of people participating.

Use our Pricing Calculator to get an idea of what your pool would cost.


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