NASCAR Fantasy Pick4 Pool

2020 Season

We are moving all NASCAR pools to our partner site Nascar Pools Online for the 2020 season. We're doing this to eliminate some duplication of work, to free us up to make significant updates to BenchSports so we can add more sports in the future.

Nascar Pools Online has quite a few more options for pool set up and scoring, and a lower base price for smaller pools and is run by the same team that runs BenchSports.

NASCAR Pick4 Game Description

A NASCAR Pick4 pool is a pick'em style pool in which you select four total drivers. Once the race qualifying order has been posted you then select 1 driver from each of the following buckets (based off of qualifying order).

  • 1 Driver Selected - Drivers 1-10
  • 1 Driver Selected - Drivers 11-20
  • 1 Driver Selected - Drivers 21-30
  • 1 Driver Selected - Drivers 31-40

Once each driver has been selected standard Pick'Em scoring rules apply (total points or finish position)


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