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NASCAR Fantasy Group PickEm Pool Description

What is a NASCAR Survivor Pool?

The concept of an NASCAR Survivor Pool (also known as a Elimination, Knockout or Suicide Pool) is an easy one; simply survive from one week to the next by having the driver you select finish higher than the determined cutoff.

How Does a NASCAR Survivor Pool Work?

Participating in a NASCAR Survivor Pool involves three easy steps

  1. Pick a set number of drivers per race which you feel will finish well
  2. If the specified number of drivers finish ahead of the cutoff you 'survive' until the following race
  3. Last entry (or entries) standing wins

Sounds easy doesn't it? We can assure you it is much harder than it sounds to correctly pick top finishers each race, and there is a fair amount of unexpected strategy involved. It's a different type of NASCAR pool, but is very popular in NFL pools.

BenchSports NASCAR Survivor Pool Features

BenchSports removes the need for clunky spreadsheets and gives you an easy to use administration portal along with an easy user interface for people to submit as well as track their picks.

BenchSports Custom Features for NASCAR Survivor Pools

  • Choose how many drivers each entry is to pick per race
  • Chose the cutoff for how high a driver has to finish to survive
  • Choose how many drivers must finish at or ahead of the cutoff position to advance
  • Number of incorrect picks (strikes) an entry can accrue before being eliminated
  • Control how many times each driver can be used during the season
  • Allow auto-picking in case someone forgets to enter a pick

Standard BenchSports Features

  • Private Message Board
  • Easy Setup
  • Easy League Administration Portal
  • Top Shelf Customer Service

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